1997    Brisbane  (with Waldorf Wayfarers – ASME conference)

1998    Tasmania  (with Waldorf Wayfarers)

2000    England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Eastern Australia (with Waldorf Wayfarers)

2001    Blue Mountains, Bowral; Sydney (with Waldorf Wayfarers)

2002    Alice Springs, Darwin, Kakadu (with Waldorf Wayfarers)

2003    Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Scotland (with small ensemble of Wayfarers Australia)

2005    Northern NSW with Wayfarers Australia

2006    New Zealand with Wayfarers Australia

2007    Adelaide with Wayfarers Australia (Steiner teachers’ conference)

2008    New Zealand  with Wayfarers Australia

2009    Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Bangalow NSW with Wayfarers Australia

2012    Sydney, Newcastle, Coff’s Harbour, Mullumbimby, Taiwan, China, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, England, Orkney, India, with Wayfarers Australia

2014    Taiwan, Japan with Wayfarers Australia and Wayfarers Taiwan

2015    Canberra, Bega, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour with World-Wide Wayfarers



April – May 2016: China

September – November 2016: Iceland, UK, France

Second half of 2017: Peace Boat voyage

November or December 2017: Japan