Kia Moon Reflects on the First Month

Bliss: the noun that best describes the past six weeks of my life. What a dream come true! To spend every day singing and sharing and working with a bunch of astoundingly talented and inspiring people! You couldn’t get much better than that! Every day I look forward to getting up and returning to the company of our fantastic assembly!

But don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of hard work too (the best kind of work though!) We spent all of January Imagine-ing up the most weird and wonderful fun to have with holiday kids! Meeting Jabberwockys and Pirate Queens, Dancing Wombats and angels; not to mention a whole Company of characters from Middle Earth; and concluded with a glimpse into the seasons and stories of Kakadu as told by Big Bill Neidgie. We had great kids, keen to learn as much as they could, some of them even doing so well as to memorise three-hour’s worth of Tolkien words for their production of Ring Bearer! Go them!

And then on top of five day a week Imagine-running days, weekend and evening repertoire rehearsals and Sunday busking, we also had to squeeze in birthday celebrations for Judy, Theo, Gen, Matt and Evan! So you can just imagine the fun we’ve been having! We joked the other day: “you know you’ve got a good group of people, when you spend all day and night working with them and then in every spare moment you get you still want to hang out!”

And oh what fun we have at our parties! Being such a diverse group, we could potentially form many different ensembles or bands within bands. Our current spotlight band features our very own Gypsy Troop: Will on accordion, Theo on trumpet, Katrina and Gawain on clarinet/piano/guitar, Rohaaaany on Oboe, Jane, Kaoru, Manuka and Matt on violin, Evan San. and Raph on flute, and the fantastic Genny-bean on dance moves! How we get the house dancing! And that’s not even all the group! Meanwhile the rest of us get the spoons slapping and any other instruments going while the whole room lights up with smiles and absolutely delectable sounds! Like Lindt chocolate for the soul!

Then there are the fireworks! Rohan’s specialty! Each little potassium-nitrated-bundle-of-brightness taking up to an hour to prepare in order to give us 30 seconds of loud crackles and spectacular sparks and swirling dragon-tail smoke! One of Judy’s favourites party treats!

I must also make mention of the Wayfarers hosts, and Gill for organising them! I personally feel so blessed for having been put with my lovely Bubu Gina, who has become like a ‘mum away-from-home’ for both Kristin and me. So thank you hosts and Gill! Likewise, I would like to thank our very kind Dave and his generous hospitality for lending his house, lawn and backyard for our seemingly unending parties! Thanks Dave!

Unfortunately, as the evening draws nigh and my eyelids droop, I must leave you here. I will now prepare for a Saturday 6.30am wake-up that will get me to an 8am Musicianship class (run by the Amazing Judy), followed by a 9–5pm repertoire rehearsal! No rest for the weary! Only fun! Fun! Fun! Until next time, ‘Opeerless Youth and fair thee well!’ with a quote from Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”.

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