Little Yarra. Our first stop on the tour.

We spent our days in the school hall. A rather ugly building in comparison to the rest of the school which was beautiful. Flat floor, raised stage, dark brown curtains at the sides and back of the raised stage. It felt much more like a heavy metal concert venue than for choral performances. Ply board walls with graffiti painted over sections of it, a lighting and sound box at the back made with fantastically patterned rusted metal sides. Exposed trusses in the ceiling spray painted black.

But a couple of weeks before the high school had performed the whole of Bach’s St John’s Passion in it. Out of the windows you could see a range of beautiful hills, what a view to look out on every day. The variety in the kinds of places we have been is huge, sometimes the spaces we were a reflection of what we were doing, at other times there was no apparent similarity. Little Yarra had an amazingly musical bunch of kids, and a variety of musical styles are respected and supported in the school.

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