Gill Reflects on Taiwan

Hi All,
Greetings from Taiwan!!

We took a shuttle bus from the airport, down freeways, through mountain tunnels and past towns & industry cuddled up to rice paddies & vegie gardens – to make the best use of space. It looks like north coast NSW – same weeds, also banana plants, pawpaws, & many other tropical fruits that I don’t know.

Saw lots of motor scooters ridden by people wearing rain ponchos & sometimes a traditional straw hat.

Our hosts greeted us at the school with hand-drawn signs of our names, so I met Christy(!), Joseph and Chantelle who walked me around the corner to their 3 story flat. Christy & her husband speak some English, Joseph is 10 & a bit shy, Chantelle is 3.They have Taiwanese names which I haven’t learnt yet. Mostly they speak Mandarin. They gave me some nice veg food which I promptly threw up due to being exhausted after sitting up all night on the plane…

After snoozing in my very nice bed, I woke to discover that I was on the 3rd floor, in a room of my own, with a view of misty mountains and rice paddies all around & of a cement factory & other flats.

Singing in the concert that evening seemed to cure the nausea, several hundred people from the school were a very appreciative audience.

The school is big by our standards, the kids are keen & the teachers translate for us!
We generally are in small groups taking a class. We sing the music through & then teach it to the class. Most fun bit today was impromptu performance of ‘The Owl & the Pussy Cat’ (me starring as cat) – to great hilarity…

Home cooked Taiwanese meals are abundant – the school cooks lunch for all students (at least 800) & also for us Wayfarers! Lots of vegies, various mushrooms, rice, sweet corn, noodles, greens, soup, tofu. Like home but better!

It rains heavily often during the day, there are big puddles, gumboots & umbrellas every where. Our clothes dry on a covered balcony helped by a de-humidifier fan.

Christy took me for a walk this arvo, first to the farmers co-op shop sponsored by the school, selling fruit & veg, dry goods & hand made Steiner-ish crafts. We chatted with the manager & her friend & enjoyed a homemade cookie. Next we walked up the road where Christy says many people take early morning walks, past a few houses, vegie gardens, many orchards of tropical fruits, a Mini Golf and a very ornate temple. Discovered at this point that the camera battery is flat, also soon this laptop battery will run out: then I’m not sure if I can borrow an adapter to charge everything. So communication may be short lived!

Best try & save & send this now.
Love, Gill.

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