Tours and events


2018   The children’s opera Heavenly Grandfather’s Banquet (Clingan) will be performed in Canberra schools in the last week of June by Wayfarers from Canberra, South Coast, Melbourne and Lorinna, Tasmania.

2019    Waldorf 100 Project: Teenagers and adults from Waldorf Schools and communities all around the world are  being invited to compose choral music on the theme of harmony in the world – how this can be achieved. 70 performers from around the world will be selected to come to Australia in July 2019 to perform these works, as well as Judith Clingan’s music theatre piece Harmonia Mundi.


Wayfarers performance tours always have as their core repertoire a body of short choral pieces from 500 years of the Western choral traditions. Bigger works are listed below.

1997    Brisbane – ASME conference – 35 performers from Orana Canberra, Glenavon Steiner School in Sydney and Armidale Steiner School presented Songs of the Seasons (Perth Mod students with Clingan).

1998    Tasmania – 65 performers from Orana Steiner School Canberra, Mt Barker Waldorf School South Australia and Armidale Steiner School presented Songs of Middle Earth (Tolkien / Clingan).

2000    100 students, teachers and parents from Steiner Schools in all of Australia’s major cities toured Eastern Australia with Rejoice in the Lamb (Britten), Kakadu (Clingan), Hobbit Songs (Clingan). All three works were presented as music theatre with choreography by Judy’s daughter Jess Dixon.

2000    76 Wayfarers then took this repertoire to Europe for one month, touring England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

2001    Blue Mountains and Bowral Steiner Schools and the Gavemer Foundation, Sydney presented performances of The Messiah (Handel).

2002    35 performers from Eastern Australian Steiner Schools toured Alice Springs and Darwin with Kakadu (Clingan) and Spiritus Sanctus Australis (Clingan).

2003    10 young adult Wayfarers spent three months touring Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, England and Scotland, presenting Modal Magic (Clingan) with puppets; Mythical Beasts (Clingan) with dance; The Making of Parrot (Hughes / Clingan) as music theatre.

2005    Tour of Northern NSW Steiner Schools with 40 Wayfarers from Southern NSW and the ACT.

2006    Tour of New Zealand. 60 Wayfarers from Steiner Schools in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Southern Australia performed Songs of Middle Earth (Tolkien / Clingan).

2007    Tour of Mt. Barker, South Australia and Adelaide with 30 Wayfarers fro Canberra and Sydney, performing and running workshops at a Steiner teachers’ conference.

2008    Tour of New Zealand with 9 young adult Wayfarers from Sydney and Canberra.

2009    Tour of Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Bungalow, NSW with 35 Wayfarers from Canberra and Sydney.

2012    Tour of Sydney, Newcastle, Coff’s Harbour, Mullumbimby, Taiwan, China, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, England, Orkney, India, with 21 mostly young adult Wayfarers from Sydney, Bowral, Canberra, Melbourne,  Adelaide and Japan, performing Jesu, meine Freude (Bach), The Ringbearer (Clingan’s music with her dramatic version of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings), Story Songs (Clingan), music theatre versions of narrative poems for children; The Dancing Wombat (Clingan) for orchestra.

2014    Tour of Taiwan and Japan with 25 mostly young adult Australian Wayfarers and 55 Wayfarers from Taiwan of all ages as well as two Wayfarers from India, performing Judith’s opera Marco with two casts (Australian and Taiwanese).

2015    Tour of Canberra, Bega, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour. World-Wide Wayfarers, singers of all ages from Australia, Taiwan, China and Japan performed Judith Clingan’s new music theatre work Endangered! and The Singing Mermaid (Donaldson / Clingan) as music theatre. Dramatic direction for Endangered! was by Eurythmist Kimberley Hammerton.

2016    April / May – tour of China with 50 Taiwanese Wayfarers, performing Judith Clingan’s new opera for children, Heavenly Grandfather’s Banquet for a Chinese speaking Steiner Teachers’ Conference. Dramatic direction was by Judith’s daughter, Jessica Dixon.

2016    August – October – tour of Taiwan, Scotland (Edinburgh Fringe), Iceland, Ireland, England, France, Switzerland with 22 Waldorf Wayfarers from Australia and Taiwan, performing The Little Prince (St. Exupery / Clingan) as music theatre and Heavenly Grandfather’s Banquet (Clingan).

2017    July / August, over 100 Wayfarers from Australia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and England (mostly teenagers from Steiner Schools) toured Hokkaido, Japan and Seoul, Korea, performing Judith Clingan’s new music theatre work Harmonia Mundi, with dramatic direction by Judith’s daughter Jessica Dixon.

2017    December, Judith Clingan’s music theatre version of Antoine de St. Exupéry’s novella The Little Prince was performed at the Tuggeranong Arts. The cast consisted of Wayfarers from Canberra, Melbourne, Lorinna in Tasmania, Bowral and Coffs Harbour.