Sophia Mundi Steiner School

Sophia Mundi was alive with the sounds of the Wayfarers for 3 days at the beginning of this term. Judy Clingan and her troupe brought their extraordinary musical gifts for us to enjoy, both during break times in the courtyard and for the students to participate in during lessons.  The sounds of crumhorn, recorder, drum, voice and more came drifting through the air, delighting us all.  It was such a rare treat to have music of the high calibre of the Wayfarers not only to enchant us as listeners, but also to call us to new heights of music making as students and teachers joined in the singing.  Every class was engaged with music and the performance on the last day showed what a musical feast we had partaken of. Thank you to Judy and the Wayfarers for their remarkable talents.

—Jennifer West, Principal, Sophia Mundi Steiner School, Melbourne

Kamaroi Steiner School

We all really enjoyed and benefitted from the week Judy and the Wayfarers spent at Kamaroi… It was wonderful that the whole school was involved and to have so many enthusiastic and able musicians working with the teachers and children was so worthwhile. The final concert and attendance by so many parents really showcased what the children had learnt as well as how much fun they had. Thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm and dedication.

—Karen Leimbach, Music Teacher, Kamaroi Steiner School, Sydney

Taiwan Steiner School

The Wayfarers brought us great joy listening their singing or learning singing with them. Even now, two weeks after they’ve left Taiwan, students and teachers are still talking about that experience. The stir Wayfarers gave us is not only more love to sing or sing in choir or in harmony, but also more imagination toward how we can work or play with human voices. It’s like a beautiful ripple and Wayfarers’ music is the little rock thown into the pond. Both concerts by the Wayfarers were very successful. The audience loved their performance and seemed affected by Wayfarers’ love of music.

The most catchy part is a series of workshops… Thanks to the Wayfarers’ hard work, so many students in Ci-Xin could experience the magic power of music. What we really learned is that EVERYONE can be a musician!!

Class 10 was another highlight. After one week of workshops of The Ring Bearer, the students stood on the stage with Wayfarers on Friday night and performed this work of music theatre. Those class 10 students astonished me with such big changes during that one week. They performed just like they were members of Wayfarers!!

We were really happy and satisfied with having Wayfarers in our school for that one week. I think the new enthusiasm they gave to this school will continue to lead us to explore more possibilities of music and hence more beautiful voices will continue to be heard in the campus.

—Hsiuping Chen, Secretary of Taiwan Waldorf Education Association

Shearwater Steiner School

The Wayfarers is the most accessible, professional musical experience that you are ever likely to encounter in a school setting.
Judy Clingan is simply a genius. She and her team lead groups through powerful transformative workshops, making musicians out of every single participant.

Every person who is exposed to such wonder, magic and beauty is truly blessed. Not to be missed!

— Sally Davison, Shearwater Steiner School

Newcastle Waldorf School

The Wayfarers…enthusiastically worked with students from all our classes to make music and song come alive. Their Ringbearer oratorio was enchanting and powerful, a journey in itself through time and those fertile realms… of imagination, the stuff that dreams are made of. Any schools seeking such a cosmopolitan universal influence can marvel in the burgeoning fruitfulness of music and the cross pollenation the Wayfarers bring.

— Mark McDougall, Newcastle Waldorf School, Australia

Aetaomah School

Dear Matthew and fellow Wayfarers,
I would like to provide a recommendation to Steiner/Waldorf Schools who may have the opportunity to host the Australian Wayfarers Musicians in their schools.

Our children at Aetaomah School in Northern NSW Australia gained a valuable musical experience, working and performing with the Wayfarers.Here are some of their comments.

—Margaret Caisley, Aetaomah School

I liked learning music with them and we could really enjoy singing, acting and playing with real musicians.

They were all very kind and helpful and I really liked learning with them. They helped us to develop our skills.

I loved experiencing the tutorial groups where we learnt how to hold parts by ourselves.

It was really nice seeing what the Wayfarers could do. It inspired me for what I could become if I kept going with my music.

It was a very helpful and fun experience. They were very nice people and Katrina showed me some special techniques on the clarinet.

They were very helpful in keeping us on the right track.

They were very helpful in helping us hold a part and it was very nice having them stay at our home. I enjoyed performing with them.

I really liked it at lunchtime when they made a special lunchtime concert for us. It was a highlight for me!

I liked learning the dance.

It was a really good, fun experience acting and performing with the Wayfarers. They are really fun and inspirational to be with.

It was really fun every day they were here.

My parents really liked the concert at the end when we all played with the Wayfarers. I was so grateful when Terry showed me how to play the spoons.

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